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3m People Read Irish News Brands Every Week

3m People Read Irish News Brands Every Week

While online readership of the different daily and weekly news brands continues to grow, print still remains the dominant medium for content produced by these brands according to the latest figures published in the latest JNRS survey

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It’s The Targeting Stupid!

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Direct is Best

Brands and advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to directly target and engage their consumers. Recent research shows that traditional direct marketing, in the form of direct mail, is still an effective way of targeting specific audiences, writes Eimear Faughnan. More »

Puppy Love

Want to sell some beer or toilet paper? Use a cute little pup or cat in your advertising, writes Sheena Horgan. As well as being "man's best friend", is it possible that canines could also be advertising's best friend?  This is what was posed by a colleague whilst discussing the incredibly cute McVities ad campaign.

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When Promotional Marketing Really Shines

The effective use of promotional marketing techniques and strategies can significantly boost your bottom line, writes  Sara Callanan.

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Direct marketing has really got its house in order and rumours of its demise are greatly exaggerated, writes David O'Sullivan. God forgive me, but every time I get onto the subject of direct mail/marketing, I end up banging on about digital and social media. More »

It’s a Funny Old DM World

The direct marketing industry can be a funny old world as one the veterans of the industry, Bill Moss, can testify. Here he recounts some of the more humorous stories and anecdotes from his 35 years in the industry. More »

The Changing Face of Digital Display Advertising

Programmatic Trading and Real Time Bidding are changing how digital media is bought and sold, but what exactly is programmatic trading and what are the benefits to advertisers? Shenda Loughnane explains what they mean for the future of online advertising. More »

An Intelligent Approach

The availability of technology that enables the collection of data in unprecedented quantities has seen the role of the market research move further towards interpretation or market intelligence, writes Paul Golden. More »

Getting Your Pricing Strategy Right

It has been 10 years since McKinsey published proof that a price increase of 1% will produce an 8% increase in profit, assuming that all other things remain equal. So why are companies ignoring this and focusing on chasing volume instead of securing margins through well-informed pricing strategies. More »

Closing the Loops

Understanding consumer behaviour at the point when they interact with brands,  provides a real understanding of how these brands can maximise customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand equity, writes Richard Colwell. More »