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Opinion: OOH Strategies for Year-Long Narratives

With more and more people embracing year-round resolutions- as opposed to New Year resolutions- OOH has become a powerful tool in the marketing armoury for brands looking for real-time engagement and tapping into evolving consumer behaviours, writes Caroline Decourcy, Insights Director, Talon Ireland.

As we approach the season when individuals often quit their New Year resolutions, it’s an opportune time to engage with clients. Through our research we noticed a shift in mindset, with people increasingly embracing year-round aspirations rather than one-time Resolutions. This shift opens an opportunity for clients to align with the evolving consumer mindset. We will be closely monitoring these trends, seeking new insights through our cyclical research into the specific goals we tend to prioritise at different times of year and update the comms as it comes in.

In the dynamic landscape of consumer behaviour, every moment holds the opportunity to make a lasting impression. Traditionally, January has been synonymous with resolutions, a tradition that dates back over 4,000 years. But what if we shift the lens? one that extends beyond January. Afterall, a recent Forbes Health/One Poll survey found that the average resolution lasts just 3.74 months. We firmly believe the key to success lies in consistently understanding and harnessing this consumer behaviour year-round.

In this piece, we delve into the changing way we think about resolutions and uncover how OOH serves as a potential catalyst, guiding brands in crafting continuous opportunities for year-round connection with consumers.

The Resolutions Mindset

So, let’s dive in with a recent consumer behaviour study that inspired this piece. Contrary to popular belief that resolutions are solely a January affair, our findings reveal a different narrative. When asked if they were making New Year’s Resolutions to kick off 2024, 32% of respondents said no – a 16% increase compared to 2022 – suggesting a noticeable decline in the commitment to these resolutions. But why are resolutions losing their lustre?

In response to the decline in traditional resolutions, a new paradigm is emerging – one that emphasises continuous improvement and personal growth throughout the year. 46% of respondents will be making “resolutions”, not just in January, but at various times throughout the year. With 24% of respondents going so far as stating they will be setting these on a month-by-month basis. So, as we bid farewell to the era of resolutions, what remains is a group of open-minded consumers throughout the year. But how can OOH helps brands capture this consumer and drive year-round engagement?


Highlighted, in our latest consumer behaviour study, consumers are willing to invest in these “resolutions” with 67% of respondents preparing to spend considerably. As we know consumers are increasingly shopping around for the best price, and 79% of us are researching products before they visit a store to purchase. As a result, it’s an incredibly important time for brands to be advertising – the battleground will be in securing meaningful attention amidst an oversaturated advertising landscape.

Kantar’s recent Media Reactions is a key example of how attention is coming to the forefront of conversations surrounding media effectiveness, citing a 90% correlation between channels that consumers claim capture their attention and those that they prefer. Consumers placed both OOH and DOOH in their top three attention grabbing channels, and top five preferred channels. Attention in OOH is not a new metric. By crafting visuals that mirror the mood of the season brands can not only convey their messages using OOH, but they can also effectively create a sustained and impactful presence all year-round.

Dynamic & Programmatic OOH

With the death of the cookie slated to finally happen in 2024, dynamic and programmatic OOH stand as an indispensable tool for brands. As our research has revealed the resolutions landscape is evolving, these strategies offer unparalleled levels of adaptability, allowing brands to tailor their messages in real-time to align with the shift in consumers aspirations. Whether it’s the pursuit of health and wellness in January, or home D.I.Y during the summer months, dynamic OOH ensures relevance by adjusting content to seasonal trends. Programmatic OOH takes this a step further, allowing brands to deliver timely messages precisely when consumers are most receptive to goals.

With the impending challenges in digital advertising, dynamic and programmatic emerge not just as tools but as essential allies for brands seeking sustained engagement and a substantial return on investment.

Reshaping Resolutions

In the ever-evolving consumer landscape, resolutions break free from the confines of January. As we shift from the traditional resolution’s mindset, attention becomes crucial, with OOH and DOOH leading the way in this area. Dynamic and programmatic OOH emerge as essential tools for real-time engagement, adapting to evolving aspirations. Our strategy involves closely monitoring evolving consumer behaviours, identifying key focuses seasonally, and helping brands move to maintaining year-round commitment instead of just one-time resolutions.

In the realm of OOH, we’re not just observers – we’re architects of attention.

Caroline Decourcy is Insights Director at Talon Ireland.

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