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Out \ Look: OOH is ‘most sustainable ad platform’

James Byrne, marketing manager, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home

OOH is ‘most sustainable ad platform’

OOH produces the lowest amount of carbon emissions per impression compared with other major media channels, according to a new UK study.

The study by KPMG measured the power consumption and carbon footprint of six main advertising media channels: email, OOH, online, print, radio and TV.

OOH is a one-to-many platform, with each advertisement being seen by many people. This makes it an incredibly power efficient medium for reaching large numbers of people.

The findings are consistent with a similar study that KPMG conducted in France.

This positive report card for OOH alongside the sector’s ability to improve sustainability is in great part due to OOH media owners having control over the entire supply chain and end-to-end operations.

Not only does OOH provide a platform for brands to promote green initiatives, but it also allows them to execute more environmentally friendly campaigns. Our recent iQ survey found that 84% of people think OOH is an appropriate and effective platform for brands to communicate sustainability messaging while 78% of respondents think more positively about brands that promote sustainability. Attention is a key marketing metric and almost 3 in 4 (73%) ‘pay more attention’ to brand advertising that promotes sustainability.

Bord na Móna on a Solar Powered Billboard

Sustainability initiatives include maximising the recycling rate of materials, converting to more energy efficient lighting, optimising logistics routes, and most importantly, appointing suppliers based on their environmental credentials.

Stéphanie Taupin, global strategy director at KPMG, said: “OOH allows brands to execute more environmentally friendly campaigns than other media when measured by contact or pound invested.”

As a trusted, public facing medium, not only does Out of Home offer brands a more diverse platform to communicate their own sustainable journeys with citizens, but the industry and its infrastructure also makes an important contribution to the quest for net zero advertising.

At PML Group we recognise the importance of sustainability to our clients. With partner Horizon Digital Print, PML Group exclusively delivers for its clients fully recycled and recyclable paper across all roadside print formats. These include 6 Sheets, 48 Sheets, 96 Sheets and Golden Squares.

Geoff Lyons, CEO, PML Group, and Karen Claxton, Group Investment Director, PML Group

Other industry initiatives include:

  • Early hours power down of DOOH screens
  • LED Illumination, hugely diminishing energy consumption
  • Use of plant-based inks in printing
  • Rollout of electric and hybrid buses

In summary…

  • OOH is one of the best media channels not only to deliver on net zero goals, but to positively impact local and national infrastructure and communities.
  • OOH has led the charge within the media owner landscape when it comes to sustainable development.
  • OOH opportunities are providing brands with an appropriate medium to match sustainable messaging.
  • Creative opportunities are endless….. so challenge us to help you!

Ad Net Zero Sustainability Summit May 1st

With Earth Day around the corner its positive to hear that Ad Net Zero Ireland’s first Sustainability Summit to the commercial, creative and communications industry in Dublin has sold out.

Discussion will focus on sustainability in advertising campaigns and present the opportunities that exist for the entire industry when we come together to collaborate on a better way of working.

This is an opportunity to hear from members of the commercial, communication and creative community, who are already navigating this path and driving positive change for our industry through the Ad Net Zero framework.

Speakers from media and creative agencies, social media platforms, and global brands will present the positive implications for marketing professionals when they embrace a sustainability ethos on every aspect of producing and running a campaign for a client.

Ad Net Zero is the advertising industry’s drive to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing, and running advertising to real net zero.

Ad Net Zero in Ireland is driven by all the key trade bodies and organisations in the Irish marketing and advertising community: IAPI (Institute of Advertising in Ireland); AAI (Advertising Association in Ireland); MII (The Marketing Institute of Ireland); CPI (Commercial Producers Ireland); and IAB Ireland.

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