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AIB Chooses OOH for Key Parts of First Time Buyer Campaign

AIB has launched a new OOH campaign as part of its “The Questions You Really Care About” platform which targets first time buyers.

In the latest iteration of its campaign, AIB and creative agency Droga5 are once again using OOH as the medium becomes the message going through different stages of the home buying journey.

Wide-reaching formats can be seen everywhere prospective homeowners live, work and play. Special builds across Dublin bring the message to life. ‘Peeling’ 48 Sheets, Golden Squares and 240 sheets accompany the tagline ‘Are the repairs structural or just cosmetic?’, turning heads and grabbing consumer attention in high footfall areas near Terenure, Kimmage and Rathgar.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, the wider campaign’s elements bring home hunters on a contextual journey inside a house viewing, highlighting the important questions to them as they imagine their lives there.

Contextual placements and special builds bring what first-time buyers think to life. Bus T-Side copy displays ‘is there a bus stop nearby?’, while Digital bridge copy displays ‘what’s the drive home like?’. Commuter and small roadside formats display ‘how long is the commute?’, while Adshel and Bus Shelter formats near housing estates ask ‘Could this be the place?’

Roadside large formats include Metro/Digipoles and Bridges, accompanying Classic and Digishelters, Digipanels, and Digital Kiosks. Commuter formats include dPods, Luas Columns, Commuter Squares accompany bus T-Sides. Mall Digital formats target shoppers in retail environments.







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