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Bord na Mona Doubles Down on Renewable Energy in Latest Campaign from Ogilvy

Ogilvy has rolled out a new national campaign for Bord na Mona to promote the company’s ongoing shift into the renewable energy market.

Called “We are Doing More” the new campaign builds on the “More than Móna” advertising strategy and features illustrations from award-winning illustrator, Eiko Ojala.

The is being rolled out across various media channels, including print, digital, out of home, social, and radio. The campaign showcases Bord na Móna’s sustainability strategy, with the company

currently on a path to deliver on an ambitious and diverse portfolio of renewable energy solutions, to support Ireland’s green energy requirements by 2030.

Bord na Móna tasked Ogilvy with the challenge of redefining the brand as an energy solutions company. A key innovation in this space is Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park, a place where wind, solar, battery, and hydrogen power will work together to take

industrial-scale, high-demand energy users off the national grid.

According to Ogilvy, “Eiko Ojala brings a unique flair to the campaign and his award-winning work is celebrated globally and has been featured in the New York Times, TIME magazine and New Yorker magazine.”

“Expanding on the ‘More than Móna’ concept, the ‘We’re Doing More’ campaign showcases Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park as a tangible demonstration of the organisation’s commitment to sustainable energy practices for the future,” says Marcus Hartung, creative director, Ogilvy.

“In our creative concept, we wanted to incorporate something truly attention grabbing, so we worked closely with Eiko whose stunning artwork perfectly complemented and enhanced our vision,” he adds.

Sheena Denneny, marketing strategy & communications lead, Bord na Móna adds: “We are excited to launch our ‘We’re Doing More’ campaign, which we have collaborated on closely with Ogilvy. With captivating stories and stunning illustrations by Eiko Ojala that perfectly capture how Bord na Móna’s Eco Energy Park is a symbol of innovation and dedication to a more sustainable future, showing how it will play an important role in helping Ireland to meet its climate action and carbon reduction targets.”


Client: Bord na Móna

Marketing Strategy & Communications Lead: Sheena Denneny

Internal Communications Specialist: Alison Tilley

Social Media Marketing Specialist: Mona Nezamivand

Creative Director: Marcus Hartung

Art Director: Marcus Hartung / Natalie Cole

Copy Writer: David Higginbotham / Zoë Donnelly

Account Director: Emily Woods

Senior Account Executive: Phuong Nguyen

Illustrator: Eiko Ojala

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