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ADvocates Ireland Event to Address Marketing to LGBTQ+ Community

Christine Matthews, co-founder ADvocates Ireland

ADvocates Ireland, the collective of LGBTQ+ professionals working in advertising, marketing and media in Ireland is holding an industry event to discuss the different facets of Pride through a marketing and advertising lens.

Supported by IAPI, the Marketing Institute of Ireland and IBEC, the event is being hosted by TU Dublin in Grangegorman on March 13, 2024.

Called “Over the Rainbow”, it will include a panel of industry experts and speakers who will discuss “the enigma that is an effective Pride campaign” with a view to “inspire and empower by providing valuable insights and usable takeaways so we can all create even more important, impactful work.”

According to ADvocates Ireland’s co-founder Christine Matthews (she/her) and head of TGI Customer Success with Kantar Media Ireland: “It was evident from our first ADvocates event we need to drive greater allyship in supporting LGBTQ+ acceptance, not only in our industry but in broader society.

“Cisgender and heterosexual folks may not even realise a day like Valentines can be challenging for LGBTQ+ people, as we are bombarded by advertising that rarely represents people like us, leaving us feeling ignored. Responsibility sits with us as creatives, as media strategists, as PR professionals, as brand owners – to champion better LGBTQ+ representation in advertising, telling authentic LGBTQ+ stories during Pride month and all year round,” she says.

“This vision was shared by Outhouse who recognise the power marketers hold, to increase representation and normalisation of same sex couples or transgender people through their marketing practices.”

The event will kick off at 8.30am and conclude at 11.15am. To register to attend Over the Rainbow, click HERE

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