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Bloom Founder Makes a Return to the Big Stage

After a 27-year gap, David Quinn, one of the founders of creative agency Bloom has made a return the big stage with a new play called “A Modest Proposal”.

The play is currently running in the New Theatre in Temple Bar and is being staged in collaboration with The Glens Arts Centre in Manorhamilton. Written by Quinn, directed by Andy Cook and starring Jed Murray, “A Modest Proposal” is described as a “satirical comedy like no other.”

Set in the boardroom of a high-powered government taskforce, it revolves around the lead character called Johnny who, together with his high-power agency team, “have come up with a solution to one of the most persistent and difficult social issues in one of the world’s richest economies– that of ongoing child poverty in Ireland.”

According to Quinn, “where others have failed, Johnny has applied blue sky thinking, shifted the mindset and has come up with a solution where everyone wins. Armed with a Powerpoint deck he takes to the stage to present his modest if unorthodox proposal.”

“It is partly inspired by my career in advertising” says Quinn with a little help from Jonathan Swift’s satirical treatise of the same name which was penned back in 1729.

In a previous life, Quinn was one of the founders of Punchbag Theatre Company in Galway where he directed or produced most of the company’s productions. Since then, however, the advertising industry has taken up much of his time and energies. he has been preoccupied with David is also one of the founding partners of the advertising agency Bloom.

The play has been running since February 20 and will conclude on March 2. To book tickets to see A Modest Proposal click HERE

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