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Core Cultural Index Reveals the Stories that Mattered During 2023

As the curtains fall on yet another busy year on many fronts, Core has produced an end-of-year review using information pulled from its Cultural Index Review which looks at the most significant news stories that have shaped Irish culture this year.

Based on research analysing interviews with 12,000 people about 220 news stories, Core’s Review 2023 reveals the most (and least) significant stories of the year. The most significant stories have been very challenging, including the cost-of-living, civil unrest, the impact of the climate crisis and on-going war and humanitarian crisis. While our review also reveals the stories which gained a lot of attention in sport and pop culture.

By asking people what stories they were aware of, and the extent to which they believed they were personally important, provides a list of the most significant stories. The stabbing of innocent people in Dublin and the subsequent riots on 23 November was the most significant story according to people living in Ireland. Other stories which resonated with people include the Turkey and Syrian earthquake, Israel and Hamas conflict and inflation.

But there is also room for Barbie, the Beckhams, football, AI, and music greats according to Core’s Maeve Heslin and Finian Murphy.

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