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F&B Huskies Campaign for RSA Promotes Safer Driving

F&B Huskies, part of the Forsman & Bodenfors has launched a new campaign for the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to promote better and safer driving in urban areas.

Called “30km/h for Better Urban Living”,the campaign highlights the multiple benefits of adopting 30 kilometres per hour speed limit in urban areas across Ireland. The focus of this campaign is not just to reduce speed, but to transform urban spaces into safer, healthier, and more economically vibrant

The campaign features a heartwarming TV ad set in a vibrant Irish town thriving under a 30km/h speed limit. The ad, along with supporting radio, digital audio, social media, and out-of-home advertising, showcases the joyful, harmonious life that slower speeds can bring to urban areas.

According to the agency, “the TV ad portrays the safe and harmonious coexistence of various road users, emphasizing the benefits of driving at 30km/h. The town’s residents join in singing a modified version of ‘Dirty Old Town’, highlighting the joy of reduced speed.”


Client: Road Safety Authority
Head of Communications:
Director of Partnerships & External Affaird: Sarah O’Connor
Higher Executive Officer, Communications Department: Annette Ferguson
Executive Officer: John Paul Guiheen
Agency: F& B Huskies
Executive Creative Director: Damian Hanley
Senior Art Director: Udi Ovadia
Senior Copywriter: Robert McBride
Planning: Niamh Murphy, Madhumita Chandrasekaran
Business Partnership: Brian Johnson, Fiona Cunniffe, Stephanie Urban
Production: Ciarán Walsh, Brian Daly, Ruth Drury-Byrne
Design: Nicole McMahon, Boris Figueroa, James Stedmond, Robin Winchester
Music Supervisor: John McCallion
Production Company: Ponder
Executive Producer: Paul Holmes
Director: Brian Durnin
Production Manager: Gráinne Tiernan
Production Co-Ordinator: Treasa O’Friel
Director of Photography: Ivan McCullough
Production Designer: Joe Fallover
Stylist: Driscoll Calder
Gaffer: Eoin O’Hagan
Key Grip: Darrell Murphy
Locations Manager: Mick Swan
Music Producer: John Walsh
Editor: Lee Hickey
Colourist: Matt
Online Post: Windmill Lane

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