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Colin Farrell Backs New Campaign from Boys+Girls for Screen Ireland

Boys+Girls has launched a new campaign for Screen Ireland’s Minding Creative Minds Initiative. Called “Story Maker Storyboards” the joint effort between Screen Ireland and Minding Creative Minds has been specifically designed to promote the provision of support services for those working in the creative screen industry across Ireland.

Minding Creative Minds is an organisation that provides support to everyone working in the creative industries, whether as a freelancer or employee. The service provides counselling, legal advice and career guidance, confidential and free of charge to the user.

Screen Ireland, the national agency for the Irish film, television, and animation, worked with Boys + Girls to deliver a series of three craft laden spots specifically made for the creative screen industry.

This campaign uses storyboard art, the universal language of the screen industry, to highlight important services that can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Boys + Girls collaborated with talented storyboard artist turned director Ian Mc Caffrey, to create a campaign using the visual vernacular of the screen industry to represent the range of support available to the wide-ranging world of the Irish creative screen industry.
When it came to getting a voice to add craft and kudos to the campaign, Oscar Nominated Colin Farrell answered the call.

According to Kris Clarkin, creative director Boys+Girls: “We collaborate with creatives in the screen industry every day, so this was an important project for us. It was also a daunting one, as we had to craft a campaign for some of the best crafts people in the country. We put together a skilled team led by the incredible artist and director, Ian McCaffrey. A team that shared a passion for creativity and together we poured over every frame and detail. We’re very proud of these spots and hope they inspire more creatives to take advantage of these important services.”

The ads tell stories of runners on set, DOPs, screenwriters, prosthetic and prop departments – taking a look behind the camera at long shoot days, tight turnaround times, and the pressure it takes to create for the screen. Pairing pictures with carefully crafted sound, music, and voice – this project is the best combination of creative collaboration made by people who know the creative screen industry best. Along with a sprinkle of Hollywood from Oscar nominated Colin Farell, who plays the role of narrator.
The campaign consists of three films highlighting what Minding Creative Minds can offer the many and varied creative industries and people involved in the vibrant Irish Creative Screen Industry


Agency: Boys+Girls
Client: Screen Ireland/Minding Creative Minds
Chief Creative Officer: Rory Hamiliton
Creative Director: Kris Clarkin
Senior Copywriter: Niamh Ryan
Senior Art Director: Claire Healy
Senior Producer: Sinead Farrelly + Keeva Bolger
Business Director: Sarah Sherry
Chief Relationship Officer – Pat Stephenson
Production Creds:
Director + Storyboard Artist: Ian McCaffrey
Editor: David Blake
Sound Design: Steve Maher + Andy Kirwan – Raygun
Head of Facilities/Producer: Ciara Walsh – Raygun
Music Composition: Denis Kilty
Music Composition: Rod Morris

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