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The Key Rumbles to Look Out for in 2023 According to Droga5 Dublin

Droga5 Dublin has published its latest 2023 Change Report: “The Rumble Theory” which looks at behaviour and culture around some of the biggest themes in society today, including finance, community, climate and internet culture.

According to the agency, which is part of Accenture Song, the “Rumble Theory” proposes that “rumbling’ prefaces change; where crises create definitive action. “Rumbling occurs from the tension and the disconnect of people and systems both undergoing major change,” it says.

The report looks at how these rumblings on the internet can be indicators of future trends and encourages brands to master the art of social listening if they want to be part of the journey.

“The Rumble Theory” explores four key rumbles. The first of these looks at how people are “exploring the limits of what can be changed by coming together.”

The second, focuses on money and in particular women’s wealth and the growing demand for change in a system that wasn’t designed with them in mind.

The third rumble looks at new internet culture and how “ being in people’s connected wallet is your brand’s ticket to next generation loyalty.”

The final rumble looks at the Metaverse and the possibility that everyone will have a digital twin permanently living in the Metaverse.

“Our Rumble Theory is that in this post-pandemic, pre-recessionary period where great change and great resettlement meets great uncertainty, there are rumbles everywhere; rumbles that are signalling change,” says Emma Sharkey, chief strategy officer, Droga5 Dublin.

“We can help clients find their hotspot and detect rumbles online that have resonance for them, helping them to succeed and win the trust of their chosen online community. We know that sparks happen when a powerful brand collaborates with powerful communities, and so does change.”

To download a full copy of Droga5 Dublin’s “The Rumble Theory” click HERE

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