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Out \ Look : The Latest OOH Trends & Developments

James Byrne, marketing manager PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home.

Lidl Top Spending Brand in August

Retail remains the top spending category on OOH for August, according to PML Group’s latest WATCH figures. The category, of which Supermarkets would be a major sub-category, is the number one category for OOH investment for the year to date also. In August, the brands to the fore in the sector included Lidl, JD Sports and Centra. Retail accounted for 15% of all OOH display in the month of August, which includes cycles 16 and 17.

Beers was the second most active category with an 11% SOV for the month.

Soft Drinks was third on the list, and Pepsi Max also featured among the top spending brands across August, appearing on a mix of Classic and Digital OOH formats. Another PepsiCo brand, Walkers Wotsits Giants was also highly prominent during this period, featuring as the second biggest campaign of the month.

The WATCH data behind these figures is a result of PML Group’s 100% monitoring of the OOH market every cycle.

Customers expect to hear from brands during Cost-of-Living crisis

87% of respondents said they expected to hear from brands just as much if not more during the current economic uncertainty, reports Campaign.

However, many of those asked wanted more than just to hear from brands during the cost-of-living crisis: the research also showed that 58% of those asked wanted brands to help them through it tough economic times.

The new research from Reach Solutions of 2,000 UK adults has revealed that 77% expected to see prices rise over the next three to six months.

Respondents named supermarkets, food and drink and finances as the brand categories who had the most credibility when it came to addressing the cost-of-living crisis.

Emma Callaghan, sales and invention director at Reach, said: “While explicit cost of living messaging might not work for all, brands treading this path should focus on reliable and calm messaging that responds to the emotional state of the audience.

“By seeking credible media partners and thinking carefully about context, they can achieve real authenticity through the crisis.”

Andrew Tenzer, director of market strategy and brand insight at Reach, said that the pandemic was a learning curve for brands as “we saw how advertisers got it wrong”.

Tenzer added: “This research is an opportunity to discover the touchpoints that brands in different categories can lean on to really offer their audiences accurate and supportive advertising tailored to what will resonate.”

The Brand Building Power of Full Motion Digital Out of Home

Full motion DOOH is 2.5 times more impactful than equivalent static displays.

Neuroscience research has demonstrated how full motion digital out of home (DOOH) campaigns are 2.5 times more impactful than content on static displays, delivering a powerful emotional experience comparable to that of television advertising.

The research, conducted by Neuro-Insight for Ocean Outdoor, used brain imaging to explore the neurological impact of digital out of home content on audiences.

From the resulting responses, neuroscientists concluded:

  • Both static and full motion content delivered high levels of positive emotional response.
  • Full motion creative however delivered more branded peaks of memory encoding.
  • The net impact of these measures in combination equated to a 2.5 stronger impact for full motion digital out of home compared to static.
  • The results indicate that full motion DOOH has a comparable impact to television and has the capability to build brand equity rather than just deliver a brand impact.

More generally, the study also demonstrated some characteristics of full motion DOOH that help drive high levels of positive brain response. Subtle (not necessarily overt) brand iconography, bright and contrasting colours and images of people and faces delivered a heightened sense of response when viewed within a DOOH environment.


And, finally….Out to Launch

Pret A Manger has arrived in Dublin right on queue.

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