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Havas Rolls Out Water Conservation Campaign for Triton

In an effort to encourage consumers to conserve water and save energy, Havas Dublin has created a campaign for Triton to encourage shorter showers. The average person spends around nine minutes in the shower, washing 100 litres of water down the drain. By cutting shower time down to five minutes, water and energy is saved.

The campaign consists of a 30” TV ad, as well as a real-time five minute video, where an unsuspecting showerer (played by comedian and actor Shane Daniel Byrne) becomes the first participant in the Triton 5 Minute Challenge, which is timed by actor Amy Hughes.

“Environmental issues are everyone’s concern, but too often tonality can be overly worthy, said Adrian Fitz-Simon, Creative Director at Havas Dublin. “This is a very simple message and we wanted to communicate it with a light-hearted, fun tone that gets people on board. Watching someone shower for 5 minutes is actually quite boring, but that’s the whole point. We wanted viewers to think, ‘Wow, five minutes is a long time, maybe I should cut my shower time down a bit.”


Client: Triton Showers
Marketing Director: Tina Simpson
Digital Marketing Manager: Matt Barker
Agency: Havas Dublin
Creative Director: Adrian Fitz-Simon
Executive Creative Director: Peter O’Dwyer
Directors: Grizzly – Trev Whelan and Rua Meegan
Strategic Planners: Ashly Stewart
Client Service: Maeve Shannon
Media Agency: Havas Media


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