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New Toyota Campaign Promotes Safety App and Headspace Partnership

Javelin has launched a new campaign for client Toyota Ireland to promote uptake of its successful free road safety app called Face it Down.

With over 58,000 downloads to date, the app rewards drivers for keeping their phone screens turned down while driving.

The latest campaign to promote the app runs across radio and digital platforms and also includes PR by Teneo. The campaign also highlights Toyota’s latest partnership with the award-winning mental health app Headspace.

“We are delighted to be exclusively partnering with Headspace and giving Face It Down users three months free access to the mindfulness and well-being app,” says Mark Fallon, LCV & digital marketing specialist, Toyota Ireland.

“We know now more than ever how important mental health and well-being is and by making Headspace available to all Face It Down users we can help try realize our brand purpose to ‘Make life better in Ireland,’ he says.

“Headspace is an incredible resource for guiding you through meditation, helping you work through fears, stress and anxiety, or even just resting the racing mind before bed to help you get a good night’s sleep. It ties in perfectly with our Face It Down road safety initiative that rewards safe drivers for not touching their phone while driving and is a prime example of being ‘Built for a better world.’ Together with our Javelin and Teneo agency partners we look forward to the campaign having a great uptake and ensuring safer roads for us all.


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