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Beefgrudgery Takes to Aisles in New Lidl Campaign by BBDO Dublin

BBDO Dublin has launched a playful animated campaign for Lidl Ireland to highlight the retailer’s award-winning beef offerings.

Called “Beefgrudgery,” the campaign introduces a cast of characters, in the form of Bread, Cheese, Strawberry and Turnip who are brought to life through ‘clay-mation’ with some very well-known Irish voices playing the parts.

This work was developed by creative duo Kevin McKay and Eoin Tierney with production by Piranha Bar.

The story revolves around interviews with food ‘characters’ in the Lidl store to get their take on all the attention Lidl beef is getting.  Renowned comedian Tony Cantwell plays “Bread”; Norma Sheahan of ‘Bridget and Eamon’ fame is the “disgruntled Cheese” while Shauna Davitt plays the “Blogger Strawberry.” The “Kerry Turnip” is played by another well-known comedian, Jon Kenny of the famed ‘D’Unbelievables.’

According to Fiona Fagan, deputy head of marketing, Lidl Ireland: “At Lidl we are passionate about the outstanding quality of our Irish beef.  We wanted to dramatise that you can have great value whilst never compromising on quality.  Key to this campaign was being true to the Lidl personality that people love and “Beefgrudgery” really delivers on this.  We can’t wait to share this campaign.”

The four-week campaign runs until July 7th across TV, radio, print, interactive, social media, VOD and OOH.

“This was a really brilliant brief from Lidl.  A total blank slate,” says Sinead Lee, agency director BBDO Dublin.  “The tendency with a lot of food quality campaigns is to lean on expected tropes and in a very cluttered market, we were determined not to do that.  Once the creative team shared their idea to use anthropomorphic food in Lidl stores, complaining about all the attention beef was getting, we knew we were onto something really memorable.  It’s been a joy to work with Piranha Bar in bringing the characters to life and our voice overcast have been superb,” she adds.



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