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Core Research Shows Irish People are More Concerned About Mental Health

With the global pandemic leading to a surge in mental health problems across the world, 79% of Irish people are conscious of their mental health while 60% claim to focus on it just as much as their physical health, according to new research report published by Core Research.

Called “Health 2021,” the report also notes that a quarter of Irish people intend to practice stress management exercises like meditation or breathing exercises during 2021 while stress is the emotion most felt by over a third (36%) of the adult population over the past six months.

The research also notes that three quarters of the Irish population believe themselves to be either healthy or very healthy while 64% actively monitor what they eat.

When it came to exercise, one in four have intentions to exercise during 2021 while four in ten are tracking their fitness via an app or a tech device.

Pictured: Andrew McCormack, Core Research

“As we navigate this crisis, everyone will be having a different experience, yet the importance of wellbeing as a contributor to overall health is becoming more evident,” says Andrew McCormack, research executive, Core Research.

“Although people who exercise every day and monitor their diet-a cohort Core Research refer to as Active+ Foodies- has risen by 5%, there are specific wellbeing habits that have also gathered momentum since the research began in 2016,” he notes.

“The research tells us that 79% of people are conscious of their mental health, and 6 in 10 people place as much emphasis on it as they do with their physical health. While being conscious of mental

health can be viewed as either a positive or negative, it tells us that awareness of mental wellbeing has increased. People shared with us that their intentions to manage mental wellbeing through meditation, journaling, therapy and staying in touch with friends and family have never been higher. Knowing that wellbeing is firmly on people’s radar for the year ahead, and given that stress is the most felt emotion by 36% of the adult population, it has never been so important for brands to be sincere, in order to truly connect with their customers on a deeper, empathetic level than previous years,” McCormack adds.

To download a copy of the full report click HERE


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