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Thinkhouse Wins Major International Benecol Account

Thinkhouse has picked up the creative and social account for the heart-healthy food brand Benecol. The account covers the UK, Irish and Finnish markets.

Benecol is cholesterol-lowering food brand that is made by Raisio, a Finnish based company. The brand was launched in Finland in 1995 as part of a major public health initiative to lower the nation’s cholesterol and is recognized as a pioneer of heart-healthy food.

Benecol is available in more than 20 markets around the globe and brand now includes a range of spreads, yogurts, yogurt drinks and snack bars.

According to Saara Kurkilahti, brand communications & category manager, Raisio:  “2020 is a milestone year for Benecol, with the company celebrating a quarter of a century helping people all over the world on their cholesterol lowering journey. High cholesterol is often viewed as a concern for those in later life stages but studies have shown that even younger consumers need to be mindful of their cholesterol levels. We have partnered with THINKHOUSE to help get the message out that it’s never too early to take steps to combat high cholesterol, a leading contributing risk factor in coronary heart disease.”

“It’s a challenging time for our industry. At THINKHOUSE, we know how fortunate we are in 2020, to have reached a point in our business where our reputation is internationally acknowledged, and the opportunities open to our agency are greater than ever before. Raisio joins a growing number of companies seeking partnerships to support them in the development and promotion of their brands internationally.  Over the last few years, our team has been nothing short of herculean in its efforts to build an innovative, future-focused, full-service marketing offering that is world-class. Our team’s commitment, energy and creativity  paying off and we’re really optimistic about the future,” adds Jane McDaid, founder of THINKHOUSE.


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