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Adtower Digital Sees Major Uplift in Audience Levels

As more and more brands start to reboot their advertising campaigns, particularly on OOH channels,  Adtower Digital Media has seen a substantial increase in audience levels of 34.5%, to 9.4m weekly impressions across its 350 national screen network, according to Vincent Whelan, managing director.

With a national network that is strategically located in retail units owned by BWG Group, Musgrave Group as well as a number of symbol group forecourts,  Whelan says its ADAM Analytics System was used to track impressions.

“Using our ADAM Analytics System, we are the only Digital OOH company to have data sensors engineered in all our 350 screens across the Republic of Ireland, collecting and analysing first-hand, high fidelity live audience data, in real-time.

Our audiences, reflecting the governments C-19 national guidelines on lockdown/cocooning, embraced restrictive living. This reduction in out of home movement meant a decrease in the numbers and frequency of visits to our retail partner stores, but did not mean a reduction in shopper purchases or consumption, which increased, as the key stakeholders in shopping trips remained present, as evidenced by Nielsen data tracking the impact of Covid-19 on FMCG, “ says Whelan.

“When we look at the importance of proximity to our homes and the desire among many to avoid large crowds, consumers will continue to shop within their communities and remain loyal to their convenience channel as we re-emerge into the new normal,” he adds.

“Our audience data sets reflect the changes in consumer lifestyle and movement to our retail partner stores. Some brands currently live and embracing our DOOH networks; National Lottery, AIB, General Mills, Irish Pride, Nestle and Procter & Gamble,” he concludes.

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