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IAPI to Replace ADFX With the Effie Awards From 2020

IAPI to Replace ADFX With the Effie Awards From 2020
Pictured: Jimmy Murphy, President of IAPI and Charley Stoney, CEO, IAPI

IAPI, the professional body for the commercial creativity and communications industry in Ireland, has officially announced that it is joining the Effie network and replacing its biennial ADFX Awards with the Effie Awards.

The decision follows a recent survey of IAPI members which showed that 84% of them favoured joining the Effie network. In addition, 95% of respondents said that having an internationally recognized awards program that can elevate their global publicity is important to them, while 84% added that there are key advantages to being measured.

“We take great pride in introducing the first global awards and best-in-class benchmarking for marketing effectiveness to our industry with Effie Awards Ireland.  The not-for-profit status of the parent organisation was an important factor in our decision to partner with Effie Worldwide as IAPI is not seeking to commercialise their awards,” says Jimmy Murphy, president of IAPI and director of Publicis Dublin.

“Our aim is to continue to help drive marketing effectiveness through our expertise in commercial creativity and communications.  We believe Effie Ireland is the perfect vehicle for us as it will give us a benchmark against global standards and deliver an ongoing education programme for our members,” he adds.

“We are proud to welcome IAPI and the ADFX Awards to the Effie network,” said Traci Alford, President & CEO of Effie Worldwide.  “We look forward to partnering with IAPI to showcase the most effective marketing and marketers in Ireland via the Effie Awards and the Effie Index, while continuing to elevate the global conversation around ideas that work.”

Effie Ireland’s finalists and winners will receive points towards their rankings in the Global Effie Index.  The Effie Index ranks the most effective marketers, brands, holding companies, agency networks, agency offices and independent agencies globally and will also determine local rankings within Ireland and Europe.

Effie Awards Ireland is holding its launch event on November 28th in Dublin. Call for Entries for its inaugural Effie Awards program will take place in Q1 2020.


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