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Health & Wellness Start-up Targets Creative and Media Agencies

A new Dublin-based wellness start-up is targeting creative and media agencies with a comprehensive health and nutrition programme that aims to boost employees’ fitness, nutrition and overall lifestyles.

Pure Wellbeing, which was founded by Conor Dolan and Alison Flynn, offers The Pure Wellbeing Health Program, which it says is “a tried and tested programme that’s the first of its kind in Ireland.”

“It’s the equivalent of getting all the benefits of going to the gym except in a way that’s convenient, sustainable, and allows participants to follow their progress to a healthier lifestyle. Everything happens in-house so there’s no need to go off-site from where you work, and it slots easily into a typical day. Ultimately, it helps employers boost productivity and engagement in their workforce,” says Dolan, who previously worked with EducoGym.

He says The Pure Wellbeing Health Program assesses, monitors and targets 12 health risks, including lifestyle risks such as alcohol and physical inactivity, perceptual risks such as stress and low, life satisfaction, and biometric risks such as high cholesterol and high BMI.

One of the first agencies to use the service was Bloom Advertising.

“The Pure Wellbeing system really worked for me.  I appreciated being able to fit an effective workout into my working day in the convenience of our office, and found the holistic approach to health, wellbeing and mindfulness transformative.  Conor and Alison are experts in their field and tailor-make the approach to suit individual requirements.  The system would be hugely beneficial to any employer looking to improve the health of their company,” says Damian  Penco, co-founder of Bloom.

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