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Young Unveils Secrets of Behavioural Science at Marketing Society Event

The Marketing Society hosts an insightful event for key industry players
Pictured: Scott Young, Behavioural Science Expert

Applying Behavioural Science: Nudging Change Among Customers, Employees & Organisations was the theme of the recent Marketing Society event which was attended by key industry stakeholders.

The keynote speaker behavioural science expert Scott Young, CEO of BVA Nudge explored the power of behavioural science as a way of inciting positive change amongst target audiences when effectively applied to the marketing mix.

Young shared the key principles of behavioural science, along with case studies from recent initiatives, while also demonstrating how “System 1 /System 2 Thinking”, “Irrationality” and “Social Norms” can be successfully applied to marketing and management. In addition,  Young went on to explore how this science can effectively influence and complement existing research and strategic planning to “nudge” changes in customer or employee behaviour.

Young, who has over 20 years of experience, is passionate about finding “win-win-win” opportunities (that benefit companies, consumers and society) – and  applying behavioural science to help individuals and organisations make better decisions and adopt healthier, more sustainable habits.  

Speaking about the event, Chris Upton, Chairperson of the Marketing Society of Ireland, said: It was with great pleasure that we at the Marketing Society welcomed such an esteemed industry expert as Mr. Scott Young.  An author and leading expert in his field, with over 20 years of experience, Scott is uniquely positioned to unlock the secrets behind how behavioural science can be effectively applied to the marketing mix to develop insightful campaigns that really connect with audiences in way that will encourage or nudge positive behavioural change. This insightful event proved to be very popular among all those who attended with many garnering rich new learnings to help shape and inform future marketing campaigns”.


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