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JWT Folk Launches Female Tribes Study

JWT Folk  has a launched one of the biggest proprietary studies of females ever undertaken.

Called Female Tribes the study sheds light on what it means to be a woman today amidst a time of significant challenge to the status quo and seismic cultural shifts and gender roles.

Ireland was part of this global study across 10 markets, which captures the female view and experience about everything from how they define personal success and what motivates and challenges them, to work, family, money, culture, religion, tech, role models, children, education and gender stereotypes.

Speaking about Female Tribes, CEO of JWT Folk Abi Moran said: “Female Tribes is one of the biggest quantitative studies of its kind globally so we have pulled out some of the more macro themes emerging, which we have found to be particularly interesting within the context of how we might better connect with the female audience. One of the core themes from the report is the relentless pursuit of progress Irish women are chasing and what they feel stands in their way. The report isn’t only useful for marketers but for HR Teams developing an employer brand or to inform internal policy decisions.

She continued: “At JWT Folk we are very proud to have strong female leadership at all levels with both a female CEO and female MD on our leadership team. We are passionate about impacting culture and by understanding the reality of the female narrative as brands, people and businesses we have the opportunity to impact female culture and accelerate the rate of change. We have a responsibility in the advertising industry today to represent, understand and celebrate what it actually means to be a woman living in Ireland today. To illustrate some of the themes emerging from Female Tribes we commissioned spoken word artist Sasha Terfus to create a unique and engaging piece of content that would help represent what it means to be a woman in Ireland today”.

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