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Insight of the Week: Courting The Coffee Shop Drinkers

With the dreaded ‘Beast from the East’ wreaking havoc throughout the country, a hot drink indoors has been a more compelling prospect than usual for many consumers. For some, however, a regular drink at a coffee shop or sandwich bar is very much part of their routine and something which across the year can see them spending hundreds of euros or more.

Latest data from Kantar Media’s TGI study reveals that 16% of adults (a little under 600,000 people) in the Republic of Ireland get a drink at coffee shops or sandwich bars once a week or more.

Demographically this can be a slightly tricky group to pin down. Neither gender nor age show any great steer. However, these regular drinkers are 22% more likely to be in the TGI lifestage group ‘Primary School Parents’ (live with son or daughter and youngest child aged 5-9) and 21% more likely to have a family income of €75,000 or more. They are also particularly likely (83% more so than the average adult) to have high amounts of both economic and cultural ‘capital’ informing their consumer behaviour at the base level.

A look at the differentiating attitudes of these regular drinkers reveals more colour. The prospect of spending money is not a daunting one for them. TGI data reveals they are 52% more likely to have expensive tastes and 44% more likely to pay more for good quality wine.

Possibly of even greater attraction to advertisers is the fact that they are 40% more likely than the average adult to agree that advertising helps them choose what to buy. Part of their café drinking routine may be to project an image. After all, TGI data shows they are also 60% more likely to say that they like to go to trendy places to eat and drink.

When it comes to what might most effectively influence them through the media, they are particularly likely to be engaged by a range of media. It is instructive to note that they are 73% more likely to agree that celebrities influence their purchase decisions, almost 70% more likely to be willing to pay to access newspaper or magazine websites and 60% more likely to say pop up ads help them to find interesting things on the internet. They are also 75% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of users of cinema and 46% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of users of mobile internet and of magazines.

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