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Insightful Media Launches “Intender Network”

Lee Thompson, Managing Director, i-Believe  

Insightful Media, the sister agency of i-Believe has launched a unique behavioural targeting offering for brand owners that uses data gleaned from 23 ready-made “purchase intent” segments that it has already identified.

The new offering, which is called the Intender Network, uses behavioural data to better target prospective customers. According to Lee Thompson the network allows brands reach the exact same audiences as they would currently buy on normal search engines but crucially it uses data gleaned from site searches and website content to confirm an “intent rich” mindset in users.

“The Intender Network will deliver highly-relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to online consumers across 23 ready-made “purchase intent” segments across home services (gas & electricity, broadband, phone and TV), money services (current accounts, savings, mortgages loans and credit cards), car, gaming & technology content,” says Thompson.

“For any brand looking to maximise the return on ad spend, intenders represent the most attractive target audience. These people, by their actions, have shown themselves to be interested in your brand’s product offerings or in your wider business sector. By concentrating your firepower on these hand-raisers, you are likely to win new customers more quickly and at a lower cost,” he says.

“The Intender Network helps brands reach prospects at the post search and browse stages on vertical search engines. These engines attract in-market consumers whom marketers using the Intender Network can now reach out to during the crucial consideration phase. Put simply these intenders are at a lower level in the funnel where the potential to influence is greater and the proximity to purchase is closer”.

He says that Insightful Media is currently working with a number of partners to bring this proposition to market including Techradar, T3, Gamesradar, Computerandvideogames.com, Bonkers.ie and CBG.ie.

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