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Kopparberg Rolls Out Major OOH Promotion in Belfast

Pictured: (left to right) – Rebecca Rogers, Aoife Hudson, Bebhinn Maguire, Kate Kelly, Brian Farnan, Alison McCluskey, Alan Halsall, Jordan Kan, Yeva Gilroy

The leading fruit cider brand Kopparberg has transformed Belfast’s familiar magenta Metro double decker buses as part of its high-impact new outdoor summer campaign.

The campaign, which also extends across Global’s digital Street Hub network, transformed the 4-metre-high vehicles delivering an impactful and memorable branding campaign creating an ‘always-on’ presence for the brand throughout the all-important summer months for the cider industry.

Launched at the foot of Belfast’s iconic Harland & Wolff cranes, the five Kopparberg wrapped buses will be in operation throughout Belfast.

The creative features their famous Strawberry & Lime cider bottle with fruit ingredients bursting from a signature black backdrop to create a striking execution that echoes the taste of summer.

“Kopparberg has been a household name here for years, all of us at Richmond Marketing are excited to bring the brand to life through a consumer campaign of this size and scope. Delighted we were able to develop creative that was distinctively refreshing while fitting the wrapped bus format so seamlessly,” says Brian Farnan, Richmond Marketing.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Richmond Marketing, Talon and Global to launch this epic OOH campaign for Kopparberg,” says Kate Kelly,senior account manager at OMD. “We wanted to remind everyone why Kopparberg should be their choice of drink this Summer and what better way to do this than go big and bold with the fully wrapped double decker buses, using impactful creative that showcases the fruity flavours Kopparberg have to offer.”

According to Bebhinn Maguire, client manager, Talon: “The Kopparberg campaign is absolutely everything an OOH campaign should be. The striking and memorable creative on such an iconic and large canvas is absolute perfection! Five fully wrapped double decker buses will be unmissable on the streets of Belfast this summer.”

Having played host to many memorable campaigns over the years, this latest wrapped bus campaign from Kopparberg is no exception. Seen as a must-have format for brands looking to achieve unmissable impact and brand fame, wrapped buses ‘wow!’ those coming into contact them and can even encourage social engagement.

This is reinforced by Global Northern Ireland’s newly launched ‘All Eyes on Bus’ research study which reveals that the scale and mobility of bus advertising, such as wrapped buses, gets noticed by audiences with the majority of respondents saying they not only notice advertising on double deck buses, but they also notice advertising on the bus as it passes by.

The Kopparberg campaign was planned and bought by Richmond Marketing, OMD Ireland and Talon Ireland.

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