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A Swiftie Love Story for the Ages in Campaign from The Public House & EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

With a lot of love flowing in the direction of Taylor Swift this week, The Public House has created a new campaign for Epic The Irish Emigration Museum to tell a love story that dates all the way back to 1836 when the singer’s ancestors moved to the USA from Ireland.

Some 172 years before her own hit “Love Story”  Taylor’s heritage can be traced back to a moment when her great-great-great-grandparents, unknown to each other at the time, both boarded the ship AMY, departing Derry, destined for Philadelphia. This wasn’t just a tale of emigration, but one of love.

Dressmaker Susan Davis, and weaver Francis Gwynn’s life story since a chance encounter has been brought to life by illustrator Lauren O’Neill. She has drawn on their professions to find a red thread that connects their lives. The campaign has also come to life with copy-driven OOH, as well as a rendition of ‘Love Story (Susan Davis’ version)’ sung and shared by Allie Sherlock on TikTok that reimagines the lyrics from Taylor’s great-great-great grandmother’s point of view.

All content leads to EPIC’s website, where Taylor’s heritage is being shared in detail. That’s not all, the museum is also inviting Swifites to discover more about Taylor on a dedicated tour which took place this week.

According to Aileesh Carew, CEO of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum:“In tracing Taylor Swift’s roots back to 1836, EPIC exemplifies its vital role in preserving the rich tapestry of our past, ensuring each thread contributes to the vibrant narrative of our collective history. We invite Taylor and her fans to visit and experience the unforgettable stories of how those who left Ireland shaped the world.”

Fiona Fitzsimons, Director at the Irish Family History Centre, within EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, adds: “The tale of Susan Davis and Francis Gwynn beautifully exemplifies the interconnectedness of family history and global narratives. Their journey is not just a personal love story, but a testament to the resilience and courage of countless Irish emigrants.”

When Taylor Swift comes to town, many brands roll out the punny headlines. Rather than do something expected, we decided to add value in a way unique to EPIC and the Irish Family History Centre. Their experts uncovered some fascinating stories, and we hope our modern interpretations of storytelling do them justice,” adds Mikey Curran, Associate Creative Director at The Public House.


Agency: The Public House

Executive Creative Director:  Rob Maguire

Associate Creative Director: Mikey Curran

Art Director: Paul Kinsella

Copywriter: Paddy Dunne

Group Account Director: Terri Turner

Account Executive: Niamh Murphy

Production Lead: Trevor Nolan

Head of Design: Eimear O’Sullivan

Designer: Molly Devlin

Motion Graphic Designer: Kevin Hughes

Strategy Director: Sarah Walsh


CLIENT: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

CEO: Aileesh Carew

Director of Marketing: Yvonne Murphy

Senior Marketing Executive: Audrey Abaca

Digital Platform Manager: James Kielty

Digital Marketing Executive:  Kanaar Bell

Marketing Assistant Ethan Robinson


Genealogy Research Irish Family History Center: Fiona O’Mahony, Caitlin Bain & Fiona Fitzsimons

Illustrator: Lauren O’Neill

Singer:  Allie Sherlock


OOH Media:  Digital Impact Agency

Digital & PR:  Vroom

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