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Out \ Look: Vodafone celebrates Umlaut win via OOH

Aaron Poole, marketing executive, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home

Vodafone Ireland has been named the best mobile network by independent benchmarking organization umlaut for the ninth year in a row. To celebrate the milestone, Vodafone has launched an Out of Home campaign highlighting the nonuple of awards.

Planned by dentsu and PML, the campaign is live this cycle across classic and digital 48 Sheets, Skybridges, Airport Backlits, The Green Screen, Transvisions, Digipoles, Digipanels, Digishelters, Digital Station Galleries, Digital Bridges, and Bus Shelters.

The campaign’s standout feature is a special build 48 Sheet located at Terenure Road, featuring nine replica awards prominently displayed across the top.

Niall Reynolds senior marketing manager at Vodafone, commented: “Vodafone Ireland, PML, Folk and dentsu combined to create an innovative Out of Home Campaign that created maximum impact for our 9-year reliability message using a combination of traditional digital and special OOH.”

Ciara Lawler, business director at Dentsu, commented: “Winning this award 9 years in a row is no mean feat. This campaign really is a celebration of this achievement. dentsu, Vodafone, Folk and PML have developed a campaign that proudly showcases this message on high-impact OOH.”

According to our Special Effects study, special builds significantly increase noticeability, brand perception, and activation. The study found that 75% of people believe special builds make a brand seem exciting, and 84% agree they are more noticeable than standard poster ads.

O’Donnells Activates Precision DOOH Campaign

Tipperary crisp brand O’Donnells has activated a precision digital OOH campaign to promote their award-winning range of flavours.

Planned by Starcom and Source out of home, dynamically enabled formats include Global dPods and CCI Adshel Live Retail panels which target consumers in major shopping centres across the country near the point of purchase.

The dynamic copy, powered by Liveposter, features several contextual creatives which change depending on the day –  from ‘Monday’s Moment of Indulgence’ to ‘A Mid-Week Break from the Ordinary’ to ‘On Sundays We Savour The Flavour’. Meanwhile, copy targeting those prone to a lunchtime snack displays copy variants during the lunchtime period with variants including ‘Pack Your Lunchtime Full of Flavour’, ‘Lunchtime is in the Bag’ and ‘Lunchtime Elevated’

“The O’Donnells team is excited to join forces with PML Group and Starcom on this innovative initiative,” notes Karen Hurley, Marketing Manager at O’Donnells Crisps.  “The venture into Dynamic Digital Out of Home has given us the adaptability to serve dynamically changing content to increase ad relevance.  Through this initiative, we have leveraged a suite of assets that update in real time, addressing the consumption occasions to build mental availability and drive consideration for O’Donnells, throughout the day.”

Helping Teens Navigate Instagram Safely with OOH

Instagram has launched a new Out of Home campaign this cycle focusing on family tools and safety for teens on the platform.

Planned by Spark Foundry and PML, the campaign comes as Instagram’s parent company, Meta, looks to familiarise parents with the 50+ tools, features, and resources introduced to ensure teens have safer and more positive experiences on the platform.

Orla Patton (PML), Kim Irwin (Spark Foundry), Morenike Akigbogun (Spark Foundry), & Annabel O’Rourke (PML) stand next to Instagram’s 96 Sheet at East Wall Road

The campaign leverages the wide-reaching and high-frequency power of OOH to convey to messaging in high-dwell time areas where their attention is high. Those on their daily commutes to/from work are exposed to roadside and commuter environments including Metro/Digipoles, Digital Station Galleries, Commuter dPods, Luas Columns, Transvisions, 48 sheets, 96 sheets, and Digital Bridges. At Dublin Airport, the campaign features prominently on Aerpods and Skybridges, capturing the attention of frequent flyers as they wait to travel.

Since the beginning of 2024, the family-forward features have been a cornerstone of Instagram’s commitment to user safety. The campaign effectively communicates these advancements to parents, highlighting the proactive steps Instagram is taking to protect young users. These include prompts for teens to update their privacy settings, enabling them to hide sensitive content, implement stricter messaging controls, and receive ‘nighttime nudges’ that encourage them to log off after extended use late at night.

“Our efforts with Meta and PML Group highlight the tangible impact of well-executed Out of Home,” notes Kimberly Irwin, client director at Spark Foundry, “Reaching our target audience where they live, work and play in a non-intrusive yet attention-grabbing manner was a challenge that the medium was well suited to tackle. By blending large and wide-reaching formats with strategic placements, we’ve ignited conversations and connected with our audience on a huge scale.”

For more information on how creative techniques and strategic placements are being used to engage audiences and enhance brand messages, contact info@pmlgroup.ie.

Safefood Launches Campaign to Tackle Childhood Obesity

Safefood has recently unveiled its new campaign, “Building a Healthier Food Environment,” aimed at combating childhood obesity in Ireland. Developed by KICK, this campaign has been live since cycle 12 as part of the first steps in a comprehensive five-year public health strategy.

Planned by PHD and Source out of home, the campaign’s OOH elements use a variety of formats to ensure widespread visibility and attention. These have included large roadside 48 Sheets and Digital Golden Squares, while the current cycle encompasses mall digital iVisions, roadside Orbscreens, bus shelters, and Adshel 6 Sheets capturing the attention of a broad audience across high-traffic areas.

The campaign’s powerful copy follows a child’s daily encounters with unhealthy food options strategically placed at their eye level in supermarkets, swimming pools, and DIY stores. The ad poses the thought-provoking question: “Ever wonder why it’s always at their eye level?” This highlights how pervasive and targeted unhealthy food marketing can be.

Fiona Gilligan, Director of Communications at Safefood, commented: “This campaign marks a shift in public health campaigning on the island of Ireland. It’s about moving away from personal responsibility towards a broader societal response. We want to start the conversation about how we can create a healthier food environment.”

John Breslin, KICK’s Client Service Director, added: “Creating a campaign aimed at societal change is both exciting and rewarding. The problem is complex, and addressing it required a holistic, solution-driven approach. Our collaboration with Safefood has resulted in a robust creative platform.”

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