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Second Episode of Legacy Communications Podcast Focuses on Creativity

The second in a series of three podcasts from Legacy Communications in partnership with Conor Byrne’s That’s What I Call Marketing has gone live and the latest episode embracing the theme of creativity and its importance in marketing and advertising.

In episode two, Byrne sits down with Aidan Mc Laughlin, director of brand & advertising at Indeed,  Claire O’Grady, director of creativity and strategy, and Micheal Brennan, head of search, to discuss the evolving landscape of creativity and how we can and should have both fast and slow creative at play. In addition, the panellists discuss why processes do matter when it comes to creativity and why Legacy have built an in-depth ‘Better Thinking’ process to help everyone play a role in generating better thinking.

In this series we will deep dive into the evolving world of communications and how Legacy Communications are shaping the future through a constant appetite to explore the world around them.
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