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Core Tops Latest Effies Rankings for Ireland

With the countdown to the Effies Awards Ireland well underway,  Effies Worldwide has updated its 2023 Effie Index, the 13th annual ranking of agencies behind the world’s most effective marketing initiatives..

The latest rankings, which were published last week, show that with total of 14 awards won, securing 125 points in the 2023 Effie Index, Core entered the top 10 agencies in Europe, and is now ranked the most effective agency in Ireland. (Source: https://www.effieindex.com/ranking/)

The Effie Index identifies and ranks the most effective agencies, marketers, and brands, by analysing more than 4,750 finalists and winning entries from eligible global, regional, and national Effie Awards competitions around the world. Announced annually, it is the most comprehensive global ranking of marketing effectiveness.

Core comes ahead of F&B Huskies which has since been renamed Forsman & Bodenfors, EssenceMediacom, Folk Wunderman Thompson (now Folk VML) and Teneo.

“We are very proud to top the Effie Index in Ireland. As a business, our focus is on effective marketing, so being ranked as the most effective agency means a lot to us. Every day at Core, our people come together, with diverse expertise, to make a difference for brands,” says Aidan Greene, CEO, Core.

“I would like to thank the clients who trust us, our teams who make that difference and our partners across the sector. We are grateful to IAPI for the collaboration with the Effie Awards, and we look forward to learning more from the 2024 entries later in the year,” he adds.

To mark this achievement, Core is launching a series focusing on three winning case studies. The series will include insights and learnings from a number of award-winning case studies developed by Core, in collaboration with clients. The series will launch soon after the deadline for 2024 entries on 25th June.

Announced in early June, Jay Reid, Group Strategy Director, Core is one of the judges for Round One of the judging panel in Ireland, while Andy Pierce, Group Strategy Director has been named as a judge for Round One of the UK Effie Awards 2024.

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