Home News Publicis Highlights Climate Change With Seasonal Collaboration with Cork Distiller

Publicis Highlights Climate Change With Seasonal Collaboration with Cork Distiller

Publicis Dublin has collaborated with the Skibbereen-based West Cork Whiskey to create a limited edition whiskey that also serves to remind us of the impact climate change has on the amount of whiskey lost each year to evaporation.

The so-called “angel’s share”- that portion of whiskey lost to evaporation- is no longer just a poetic expression of the aging process but a stark indicator of the impact of climate change. As temperatures in Ireland get higher, so does the percentage of whiskey lost to the “angel’s share”. This year alone, an extra 2% was taken.

The collaboration between Publicis Dublin and West Cork Whiskey, led to the creation of “The Lost Drop” – a limited edition bottle of whiskey designed to remind us of the challenges climate change brings, big and small. The bottle excludes the 2% stolen by climate change, and includes a timeline, tracking how much whiskey will continue to be lost each year if things don’t change.

According to Joey Shore, West Cork Whiskey: “As Ireland’s largest Independent distillery in Skibbereen, West Cork Whiskey is delighted to be partnering with Publicis Dublin and its Christmas gifting activation to highlight the effects global warming has on whiskey maturation. At West Cork whiskey we believe in delivering real change to positively impact nature.”

Publicis Dublin ECD Ronan Nulty also adds, “West Cork Whiskey are a great group of people who are so mindful of how their business affects the community and world around them. They’re exactly the kind of brand and company we should all emulate and work with. Our Lost Drop limited edition whiskey is a special thank you to our partners and a reminder of the creative possibilities open to us.”

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