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The Public House & EPIC Remind Revellers to Look Beyond Plastic Paddywhackery

With St Patrick’s Day almost upon us, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum has launched a new campaign to remind people that there is more to Ireland’s rich cultural history that fighting leprechauns, plastic green tat and other versions of paddywhackery.

Continuing its successful ‘This Is Not Us’ campaign for EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum, the Dublin-based agency The Public House has created a new campaign to capture the attention of both tourists and locals, and convince them to visit the museum at CHQ on, and around, Ireland’s national day. The new campaign stands EPIC apart as an authentic experience that provides a thorough understanding of Ireland and its people.

Working across OOH and social, the “This is not us” campaign contrasts modern-day St.Patrick’s Day attire with historical images of Irish people. The campaign isn’t about raining on anyone’s parade, but encouraging tourists and locals alike to dig a little bit deeper and discover what it truly means to be Irish and how that meaning is forever tied to the people who have left these shores.

According to Yvonne Murphy, the museum’s director of marketing: “It’s incredible that people come from all over the world to celebrate this small country, and Ireland’s history of emigration is a huge reason for that. We want people to have fun at the parade, deck themselves out in green and then come and learn a bit more about the country they are celebrating.”

Paddy O’Mahoney, associate creative director at The Public House adds: “We took a visual approach that is playful and a bit absurd to make tourists and Irish people do a double take, reflect on what St Patrick’s Day is really about, and seek out some answers at the museum”.


Agency: The Public House

Creative Director: Paddy O’Mahoney

Art Director: Delphine Perret

Senior Copywriter: Karl Graham

Junior Copywriter: Patrick Dunne

Senior Designer:Trevor Nolan

Designer: Molly Devlin

Motion Designer: Kevin Hughes

Managing Director: Catriona Campbell

Group Account Director: Terri Turner

Account Manager: Tori Campbell

Strategy Director: Sarah Walsh

Client: Epic

Founder: Neville Isdell

CEO: Aileesh Carew

Director of Marketing: Yvonne Murphy

Head of Exhibitions and Programming: Nathan Mannion

Digital Marketing Executive: James Kielty

Social Media Lead: Audrey Abaca

Production Credits:

Retoucher: Simon Williams, Kicked Pixel

Animation: Adguns

PR Agency: Vroom Digital

Head of PR: Niamh Walters

Media Agency: MWi, part of Mediaworks UK Group


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