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OUT \ LOOK Guinness Six Nations Scores with The Dynamic Difference

Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look  and some on Out of Home.

Guinness Six Nations Scores with The Dynamic Difference

Scotland will face Grand Slam-chasing Ireland at the BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh this Sunday during the penultimate round of the 2023 Six Nations Championship.

Throughout the tournament title sponsor Guinness is utilising Dynamic OOH to build anticipation and awareness by displaying Ireland’s fixtures and final scores on screens across the capital.

Dynamic advertising is the process of optimising a brand’s message on DOOH screens through the use of data and scheduling rules. This ensures that your customers are always seeing the most relevant message.

As part of PML Group’s ongoing iQ research series, we partnered with Ipsos to investigate what Dublin adults (18+) think of the campaign.

The results as a whole are very encouraging with almost 8 out of 10 of respondents finding the contextual content informative while nearly two thirds described it as memorable / appealing. 70% described the creative as effective, standing out and different. This is in line with previous studies that proved that Digital Out of Home campaigns that focus on delivering contextually relevant content significantly increase ad recall and sales response.

Planned by PHD and Source out of home, with creative from PML CREATE the campaign uses PML Group’s Liveposter platform to manage the content form one central source across multiple media owners and formats.

Sports events like the Six Nations continue to provide brands an opportunity to leverage the power of dynamic DOOH in a contextually relevant way. Our most recent OCS study noted 75% of rugby fans are interested in DOOH messaging that is relevant to live sporting events.

Paddy Power OOH races toward Cheltenham

There’s more than jockeys riding on this…

While both Edinburgh and Los Angeles prepare to receive the best in Irish talent over the weekend as we look to bring home more gold, Paddy Power have their eyes set on the next big destination on the competitive calendar – Cheltenham.

Planned by Source out of home and Zenith, the 2023 iteration of the campaign features Colm Meaney once again front and centre, with tongue-in-cheek messaging tapping into the sporting rivalry between Ireland and the UK.

The campaign’s Outdoor elements are running on a mix of classic and DOOH formats, with digital elements running using dynamic scheduling across Social D, Tenvito, Digital Bridges, Digital 48 Sheets, Digipoles, Digipanels, Digishelters, Digital Kiosks.

At Dublin Airport, formats are being used as an effective means to target festivalgoers right up to the point of travel. Also displaying dynamic copy, the airport’s Skybridge large screens are running the campaign en route to the airport’s gates. Meanwhile the vinyl-clad elevator front at Dublin Airport’s T2 – the largest out of home format in the country – displays an unmissable, larger-than-life iteration of the creative to all customers walking through the terminal’s front doors.

“This style of advertising marks a return to Paddy Power at its best,” notes Michelle Spillane, marketing director at Paddy Power, “We wanted to show our customers that their wagers are part of a far broader narrative and get them under starter’s orders for the greatest show in horse racing.”

The creative, now handled by BBH London, brings in ex-footballer Peter Crouch as he faces down Colm Meaney at the gates of the Cheltenham Racecourse. Highlighting the friendly banter between Irish and British jump-racing fans, the insinuating tagline labels Cheltenham as the perfect the battleground to “settle the score” between the two nations.

(We all know the Irish do it best.)

“As a brand we take huge pride in our craft as storytellers,” continues Spillane, “The skill comes in spinning tales with strong cultural resonance in a light-hearted way that’s pickled with razor sharp wit. That’s where the magic lives and how we know it will entertain the hell out of our audience.”

Economic Monitor Highlights Increased Activity Across Capital

The latest Dublin Economic Monitor from Grand Thornton and Dublin Local Authorities has highlighted several positives impacting activity and footfall volumes as a result of activity in Q4 2022.

Out and about

Throughout February 2023 the Dublin hospitality sector remained buoyant in even amid growing cost-of-living pressures. The volume of seated customers across restaurants in Dublin was almost 60% above the 2019 baseline for the month, following a strong performance across Q4 bolstered by the Christmas period.

This continues to highlight the ongoing growth and desire to reclaim lost experiences over the course of the pandemic period in alignment with recent figures from CGA/Nielsen. The continuation of the reduced VAT rate of 9% for the hospitality sector to August of this year is a positive for the sector and is predicted to support continued demand over the busy summer period.

 Jobs in the City

Employment rates in the Dublin economy continued to rise across Q4 2022 as job creation increased across a number of sectors. Close to 800,000 Dubliners were in employment in Q4 – an increase of 1.1% YoY. The main drivers were in industry and construction with increases of 5.6% and 20.9% YoY respectively.

As the quarter came to a close, the national employment rate fell to a 20-year low of 4.3%, while in Dublin the figure remained steady at 4.8%.

This came as businesses across the country continued to create jobs in towards the end of 2022. While the tech sector took a hit, overall employment levels in Dublin rose for a second consecutive year with a PMI reading of 52.3. This was marginally stronger than the rest of Ireland at 51.5, and highlights continuing resilience within the labour market as a whole.


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