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Young Adults Will Need More Financial Support in 2023 According to Core Research


Housing is the dominant concern for Irish adults under the age of 40 while inflation was the most important issue those over the age of 40 years old, according to Core’s annual PREDICT report which reports on the public expectations for the year ahead.

Carried out by Core Research, the report examines the attitudes and expectations of 1,000 adults across five key themes which are explored in-depth in a webinar (above) hosted by Core’s marketing director Finian Murphy. To watch the full webinar click HERE

The report notes that 54% of those under 40 say the ongoing crisis was their main cause for concern as we enter 2023.  For those over 40, however, inflation was cited by 64% of respondents.

Because of this, 84% of those surveyed believed that young adults will need more economic support this year.

The report also notes that 74% of adults think there will be a greater focus on personal health management, but only 44% of adults are prepared to speak about how they are feeling emotionally. The report explores this gap between physical health management and emotional well-being.

As well as health, socialising with friends and family is a key priority, while spending time in solitude remains to be an equally important aspect of life, according to Core.

“Those who are making time for themselves (73% of all adults) are also more likely to be part of the 44% of adults who say they intend to speak to others about social issues or look for change on issues that are important to them. Therefore, there will be greater advocacy and protest in areas such as housing, climate crisis and gender equality,” the report says.

As consumers continue to embrace digital as part of their day-to-day lives, there is a significant group of people who are questioning the benefits in comparison to the burden of digital. “While technology can play a valuable function in our lives, 40% of adults say they intend to switch off from digital screens and technology more in 2023,” the report notes.

“However, this may also be a result of more connected work life, as workers who can work remotely are determined to maintain this way of work. 74% of remote workers say they will continue to work, and this is resulting in 32 % of leased office space becoming known as ‘grey space,’ un-used office space, according to Lisney,” the PREDICT report notes.

“As people spend less time in cities, there is more time spent in local communities and 7 in 10 people expect these areas to grow and thrive because of this new way of work and 65% intend to shop more locally as a result,” it says.

To watch the full webinar click HERE

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