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New TAM Figures Suggest Broadcaster Platforms Outperforming the Streamers

TAM Ireland, the TV measurement organisation, has published new figures that now include figures for video consumption in Ireland.

According to TAM Ireland, the figures cover the “Total Video Panel” which is representative of all TV Households and measures viewing across all devices in the household. With Nielsen technology installed in  over 400 households TAM Ireland says it is now able to get a full picture of video consumption in these households.

While it stresses that it is still early days for the new panel, TAM Ireland says the “first trickle of data from it is showing broadcaster offerings in a very good light.”

Up until now any data released by TAM Ireland relating to broadcaster VOD, streaming services and video sharing platforms has been “claimed activity” which is gathered via its surveys.

“This data is actual usage data gathered by the technology installed in the panel homes by Nielsen and is gold standard internationally recognised independent measurement,” says TAM Ireland.

The figures show that aggregated data between Jan – June 2022 shows that when combined Irish adults spend 159 minutes per day with both linear and on-demand offerings of the broadcasters. This compares with  21 mins a day with the SVOD services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +.

According to the TAM figures,  Adults aged 24-44yrs view broadcaster content for 102 mins per day compared to 30 mins from the SVOD services and 38 mins from video sharing platforms.  In addition, the younger 15-34yr old cohort spends twice as much time with broadcaster content than SVOD at 65 mins and 32 mins per day respectively.

According to TAM Ireland, video sharing platforms (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc.) are viewed for 35 mins a day primarily via mobile devices such as the smartphone.

When not in front of the TV set their device of choice is the smartphone and this is where they mostly consume the video sharing platforms, TAM says.  In total across all 4 screens (TV, pc, tablet and smartphone) this age group spend 60 min a day with these platforms

According to Jill McGrath of TAM Ireland, Irish broadcasters are not unique in this performance. The UK recently started publishing their data which sees broadcasters there also out-performing the SVOD services by quite some margin – Netflix have recently subscribed to the UK data via BARB as they roll out their new ad supported offering .

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“All of this this spells good news for the broadcasters in the face of the global streamers – people at the end of the day, love good TV that is relevant, informative and entertains and the broadcasters deliver this in spades. Interesting times ahead,” she says.

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