Home Awards Marketing Network Wins Inaugural Business Plus B2B Advertising Award

Marketing Network Wins Inaugural Business Plus B2B Advertising Award

Pictured: Trevor Turner, art director at Marketing Network, with the agency’s Best in Business Advertising trophy

Marketing Network has won the inaugural Business Plus ‘Best in Business Advertising’ award for August, for a press display ad designed for boutique law firm, OBH Partners.

Kieran Killeen at Marketing Network said the brief was to position OBH Partners as young, energetic, and solutions oriented, so it was important to present the firm in a manner that allowed them to stand apart.

The creative team of Trevor Turner, Alan Ruane and Paul Lucaci was also conscious that the pandemic has changed the way people work and communicate.

“To communicate change in this ad we used an image of a chameleon, which has an innate ability of changing its appearance to maximise any situation it finds itself in,” said Killeen. “This acted as a visual cue to capture attention and gave us a copy platform to talk about how OBH has adapted and changed to suit its clients’ needs.”

Judging chair Sean Boyle commented: “There’s an old joke about the guy who went to the zoo and saw a chameleon. Needless to say, it was a pretty crap chameleon. A handy way of evaluating advertising work of any kind is to stand clear of it when it is made and ask yourself three simple questions: What do we want to say? Are we saying it? Are we saying it well?”

An overall Business Plus ‘Best in Business Advertising’ winner of the year will be announced in 2023.

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