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BBDO Dublin Rolls Out Game of Thrones Campaign for Tourism Northern Ireland

BBDO Dublin has rolled out a new campaign to promote the world’s first and only Game of Thrones Studio Tour which is located in Banbridge, Co. Down.

The agency worked alongside HBO, the series production company, Linen Mills Studios and Tourism Northern Ireland and it will open this month. Given the popularity of Game of Thrones worldwide, it is anticipated that it will become a major tourist attraction.

The ad was written by Kirk Bannon, Ben Clifford and Dillon Elliot and features a sinister raven guiding the viewer through an amazing tour of vistas of Northern Ireland, slowly under the grip of snow and ice, before arriving at the entrance to the Studio Tour.

“Our brief was to tell everyone where Game of Thrones’ new home was,” says Shane O’Brien, executive creator of BBDO Dublin.

“The answer was simple: an ice storm of epic proportions spreading across Northern Ireland leading us to Banbridge.  Piranha Bar, as always, did a fantastic job in helping us realise that vision through stunning CGI visual effects,” he adds.

“This campaign perfectly encapsulates the unique essence of Game of Thrones and will make fans excited in planning their visit,” says Naomi Waite, director of marketing at Tourism Northern Ireland.   “And of course, you don’t need to appreciate the minutiae of the Great Houses of Westeros to enjoy the stunning shots of Northern Ireland and experience our Giant Spirit,” she adds.

The Studio Tour experience takes visitors from script to screen and features a dozen original sets as well as original costumes, props and weapons that were all used in the making of the blockbuster TV series.

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