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Wish I’d Done That: Nadia Marlène Karim, Core Creative

This week Nadia Marlène Karim from Core Creative shares the campaigns she wishes she worked on.

This is a tough one – like really, really tough! I’ve been collecting “I wish I’d done that” ads for years, so how can I narrow it down to just five? Well, I decided to be ruthless and only pick the ones that I think about every time I start work on a brief. I love them for lot of different reasons – because of the craft, because of the insight, because of the idea, or just because they’re super funny and entertaining.

L’amour – Intermarche Supermarket – France 2017


Call me a romantic but who doesn’t love a good old fashioned love story? This one is so well-acted and well-directed but, most importantly, the product is right at the heart of the commercial. Even though it’s almost a short film at 3 minutes long, you don’t feel the length. Because the proposition is so simple and the goal of the characters is clear, the duration is completely justified.

To this day, I still love watching this ad and seeing the characters love grow as the narrative unfolds. I wish I came up with this story and I wish I had shot commercials with Katia Lewkowicz. I wish I’d done this ad!

Sick Beats – Area 23 New York (2021)


I can hear you saying, “Oh, that’s a multi award-winning campaign. That’s an obvious one to choose.” Maybe. But this one is special to me, because it focuses on a problem I’ve been very close to and I think it actually made a difference in the life of these kids. The insight is great and the idea is just spot on. I love the name of it, I love the execution of it, I love the fun it’s bringing to the kids by making therapy for a chronic disease seem playful. I just wish I had the idea before they did.

Never say no to a Panda – 2010 Egypt


Another very famous one, but to me this ad is timeless. It’s just so enjoyable to watch and never gets old. As nerdy as it will sound, I like knowing the story behind the commercials I like, and this one has a loads of stories. For example, the legend says that, Ali Ali, the director and creative director, is actually in the panda suit.

A cheese called Panda may not be the most inspiring product, but they managed to make it famous and make you forget how weird it is to name a cheese after a bamboo-eating bear. This went viral before “viral” was even a thing. This ad will forever have a permanent place in head. Simple, satisfying, brand-building and memorable.

McDonnells Curry Sauce: Boys+Girls


I watched this ad for the first time when I was about to move to Ireland. I didn’t know this brand or their curry sauce, but I was doing my due diligence of getting to know a little more about the Irish advertising scene and this one just made me laugh. Like really. Not just an internal laugh. I laughed for real.

After watching it on repeat, I found myself singing “Chippus Currius” at random moments for weeks after. And ever since then, when I think curry sauce, that song is still in my head.

I have so many more in mind – Geico – Unskippable, Fedex – Doomed – The alien, Old Spice…
This is genuinely a topic I could talk about all day. Just ask anyone who’s worked with me!

Nadia Marlène Karim is Senior Art Director with Core Creative


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