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Boys+Girls Joins Global Network for Independent Agencies

Boys + Girls has joined by The Network, a global network of 25 independent agencies in 27 markets.

The Network was founded by the creative leader Per Pedersen who has over 500 major awards to his name and who is a former global creative chairman of Grey Worldwide.

“This is a hugely exciting move for Boys+Girls; we now have access to world class talent and skills from all across the globe,” says Pat Stephenson, chief relationship officer, Boys+Girls.

“Our work has always aspired to global standards of excellence and joining by The Network gives us even greater opportunity to work with ambitious global clients. Even more importantly we have existing clients who are really interested in using The Network for upcoming briefs – providing as it does access to a level of global cultural insight, creative diversity and entrepreneurial energy that a traditional network can’t provide. We’re really looking forward to getting stuck in and are honoured to be representing Ireland within this incredible collective of creative agencies,” he adds.

According to Stephenson, by The Network offers a new breed of curated creative and strategic talent, “built for excellence, speed and agility without the typical layers and complexities that come with global networks and holding companies.”

“We are a global dream-team of highly awarded independent agencies and free-spirited creatives, a network owned by creatives” says Per Pedersen.

“Boys + Girls is the perfect partner for our new type of independently owned creative network. Their pedigree of global, award winning creative and effective work will elevate our creative capabilities and our global footprint. This is evident in their most recent win of a Yellow and Graphite Pencil at D&AD for their radio work,” he adds.

“Boys + Girls will play a global role as a key member of by The Network. Creativity has truly become borderless, and Boys + Girls is a world class creative agency that will be highly relevant for any global client,” Pedersen concludes.


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