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Packed.House Joins IAB Ireland’s Gold Standard Initiative

Packed.House has become the latest publisher to sign up to the IAB Gold Standard brand safety and transparency initiative for its platforms Entertainment.ie, Beaut.ie and Family Friendly HQ place on brand safety and transparency.

According to Mark Corrigan, commercial director, Packed.House: “We are delighted to become IAB Gold Standard Registered today.  A sense of comfort and confidence about safety is essential for audiences and brands when choosing digital platforms to engage with, and so the IAB Gold Standard can provide reassurance for advertising partners to invest with certainty.”

IAB Ireland introduced the Gold Standard to the market this year following its successful adoption in the UK.

As an initiative it has four aims: to uphold brand safety, to tackle ad fraud, to improve the digital advertising experience, and to help compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law.  Through the registration process Packed.House is undertaking to work with IAB in an evaluation of existing processes, and to take action if required.   After completing training in the Gold Standard criteria, the organisation will embark on becoming certified in respect of compliance with the standards within a 6-month period.

According to Suzanne McElligott CEO, IAB Ireland: “The IAB Gold Standard provides great trust and confidence for advertisers in Gold Standard certified companies. IAB Ireland launched these standards to ensure that Irish digital advertising businesses align with globally recognised standards. We are delighted that Packed.House has registered for certification ensuring its suite of publishing titles observes the Gold Standard and bringing the number of IAB Ireland members now registered for certification to 16.”


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