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Indie List’s Freelance Masked Crusaders Step Up to the Plate

With the prospect of a second wave in the Coronavirus pandemic now a distinct possibility, according to many epidemiologists, a number of Irish creatives have come up with some thought-provoking work to highlight the importance of wearing face-masks.

As the debate about the merits of wearing face-masks raged away in the background as Phase 3 of the Government’s lockdown restrictions were lifted recently, The Indie List – which was set up by Una Herlihy and Peter McPartlin- set a challenge to Ireland’s freelance community  to come up with appropriate campaigns that would push home the message that facemasks are an important barrier in the spread of Covid-19.

“We needed advertising that would encourage people to change their behaviour not over time but overnight”, according to Una Herlihy.

“Responding to the call, some 15 individuals, comprising Indie List freelancers from the fields of copy, art direction, design and digital, responded to the brief and over the last week we have been bowled over by the time, effort and talent that these people have put in to generate initial ideas, all on a pro bono basis.,” she adds.


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