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DMG Rolls Out Social Media Extension Offering to Advertisers

DMG Media Ireland has launched a new self-service offering to advertisers that allows them to seamlessly run their existing social display and video campaigns across the DMG’s own websites without the need to develop new advertising creative.

Called SocialPlus, an advertiser’s social ads are converted by a bespoke conversion tool into a fully clickable ‘social web’ ad unit that runs across sites like EVOKE, Extra.ie, MailOnline and Rollercoaster.ie.

SocialPlus is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok, LinkedIn and Twitter.

“SocialPlus offers brands, agencies and direct clients the unique ability to really enhance their existing social media campaigns and reach new highly engaged audiences.  The self-service model in conjunction with the one click ad repurposing is truly  ground breaking in this market, offering direct clients and brands a one-to-one relationship with our premium family of digital titles,” says Doug Farrell, group head of digital strategy, DMG Media Ireland.

“Any DMG site combination can be chosen and advertisers can target the Republic of Ireland and or Northern Ireland, in addition all creative on dmg media sites feature dynamic messaging – the ads can be updated via the client’s own social accounts and it pulls through to the dmg site network instantly. Audience targeting is also provided through the dmg media data management platform reducing wastage,” adds Farrell.


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