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The 2020 ICAD Awards Open for Entry Next Week

The 2020 ICAD Awards will be open for entry next week on May 5th with the final deadline for entries set for June 19th.

This year’s entries will compete to achieve exhibition standard for a major exhibition in November. Exhibited work will automatically proceed to ICAD 2021.

This year ICAD has reduced the entry fee from €200 to just €25 and the juries for the awards are currently being assembled.

“This year’s awards simply have to mean more. They are about creating that moment. It’s about celebrating the best of Irish advertising and design and providing our community with a positive point in the future to aim for,” says Rossi McAuley, ICAD’s president.

“Ours is a project like no other on this island, an organisation and awards programme that celebrates those in our respective industry who truly believe and understand the value of creativity. ICAD was never intended to be an awards factory, where bottom lines are defined by cost versus profit. This is a membership-led not-for-profit, and that fact not only distinguishes us, it defines us. Our members are the shareholders, and any profit or funds raised are redistributed across our programme work, so our membership in their entirety is the beneficiary. The awards programme is both an economic and a promotional vehicle for the Institute and those it represents, and the revenue it generates ensures that this social project is maintained, our community engaged and represented and importantly that their achievements are recognised,” he says.

For more information about the awards go to www.icad.ie

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