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Publicis Persuades Clients to Collaborate to Provide Transport Solution to Returning Healthcare Workers

With many agencies working with their clients to come up with ideas and possible solutions to help deal with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Publicis Dublin has brought together two clients – Axa and Renault- to help returning doctors and nurses with their transportation and insurance needs.

According to Padraig Burns, managing director of Publicis Dublin the idea to create Covid Car Cover was inspired by the many Irish doctors and nurses who have returned from overseas to help out in the frontline to fight the pandemic and alleviate some of the pressure the health system will experience over the coming weeks and months.

“We approached our AXA client saying these people are unlikely to have a car or insurance so could they waiver the usual administration to sort out two months free insurance. We then approached our Renault client and asked them if they would supply the cars. They both enthusiastically agreed and we got it up and running on Wednesday. So if you are a returning doctor or nurse, you simply sign up online and you can then collect your fully insured free car from a designated Renault dealer,” says Burns.

“We advertising folk spend a lot of time crafting brand stories. Right now it’s less about the story and more about what brand owners can do. We’re lucky to have two clients who recognised that and we’re very proud to have made a small contribution during these difficult times,” he says.


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