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FamilyFriendlyHQ Launches Daily Tasks to Help Families Get Through April

With most of the workforce working from home for the foreseeable future and children still off school, the parenting and family website FamilyFriendlyHQ.ie has launched an initiative to help families keep entertained throughout the month of April.

Called #FamilyFun30 the initiative revolves around simple but fun tasks to help families get through the month.

According to Mairead Cahalan, head of content at Packed.House, which publishes the website: “As part of #FamilyFun30 we have chosen low maintenance ideas and tasks that are realistic. As part of these tasks there are many levels of learning but without the pressure. A simple craft, recipe or garden experience can rescue you from the sense of overwhelm and plant your feet firmly back in the present moment. We know how stressful it is to juggle it all and we promise you that these tasks will serve you all.”

She adds: “Each task will have a corresponding article onsite with tips on how to complete it and shared on the Family Friendly HQ social channels. Every week families can win prizes by tagging Family Friendly HQ using the #FamilyFun30 with images or videos of the family carrying out the task. Every photo, video or tag on social media will count as an entry.”

According to Tracey Quinn, strategy director for Family Friendly HQ: “There are so many uncertainties in the road ahead but #FamilyFun30 is a little nod to the fact that we are here, we are together and sometimes we can find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We are so looking forward to connecting with our readers and finding happy moments in April. Forget April Fools, these are April Tools!”


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