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Guinness Rolls Out Heart-Felt Promise to Return

St Patrick’s Day may have been cancelled and the country’s pubs might be closed but Guinness has promised its loyal followers that it will be back once everything has returned to normality.

The company- which has enjoyed a long-standing association with St Patrick’s Day and all things Irish- has released a video to reassure customers that it’s going nowhere and that like the nation, it will bounce back.

With St Patrick’s week normally kicking of the start of the busy season for pubs and hotels, the country finds itself in the unusual position where all pubs are now closed, including the bars in hotels, making it a difficult time for anyone working in the hospitality industry as well those working for the brewing and distilling giants.

Earlier this week, Guinness announced that it was setting aside €1.3m for a fund to help barmen around the country as part of a plan to help communities around the country that have been impacted by Covid-19. The brewing giant has also allocated €300,000 to the charity ALONE to assist it with helping elderly and vulnerable members of society.


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