Home News Today FM Delivers Humorous Twist to #GE2020

Today FM Delivers Humorous Twist to #GE2020

Today FM Delivers Humorous Twist to #GE2020

With most media outlets focusing on the serious side of last week’s general election, Today FM opted to inject some playful and irreverent humour into its marketing messages which were designed to influence people to engage with the station and tune into Matt Cooper’s popular drive-time show, The Last Word.

By using a combination of smart copy, strong dynamic colour and the ever important playful humour as the foundation of its creative assets, Today FM worked with Adtower and its creative agency, Dynamo, to broadcast a campaign for #GE2020 rotating across 100 specific sites nationally.

Working with Adtower, the fast growing digital out-of-home specialist, Today FM chose a broad-based time segment of 7AM to 9PM to optimize impressions across broad demographics in towns around Ireland.

Speaking about the results of the campaign, John Holland, marketing and mMedia consultant for Adtower said:  “These metrics are unique to Adtower Digital Media and such proprietary, powerful technology, allows us to share granular metrics with Today FM on the engagement between the audience and the specific individual creative assets broadcast at any given time. Using Adtowers ADAM analytics, the campaign achieved 277,000 plays with 708,462 audience impressions across the duration, with average dwell times of 5.9 seconds and attention times of 3 seconds – 36% higher than planned.”

Ziz O’Beirne, from Today FM’s marketing team, added; “We’re absolutely delighted with the response we’ve had for our #GE2020 activity. We understand in order to have someone’s time we need to deliver them something that stops them in their tracks and entertains them in some way and we believe this campaign achieved that. A transaction between any brand and Irish consumer needs to go both ways.”

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