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    Banjoman Shine a Light on Masculine Vulnerability

    With the support of JOE.ie, Banjoman created this film to shine a light on the idea of masculine vulnerability and toxic masculinity. The film also serves as an introduction to new Banjoman director, Steve Kenny, to the Irish commercials market. ‘If’ is the story of a young man who is dealing with issues typical of the young worldwide. We see this young man go through the motions of a teenage life: hanging with friends, walking the streets and trawling social media.

    The film has a VoiceOver comprised of segments from Rudyard Kipling’s famous “If” poem. Throughout the film it becomes clear that the young man is dealing with issues and acts out in aggressive manners, rather than opening up. The final statement resolves around a powerful message that challenges toxic masculinity and seeks to promote vulnerability.


    Director – Steve Kenny
    Producer – Matt D’Arcy
    Production Company – Banjoman
    DOP – Miguel Angel Vinãs
    Editor – Rob Hegarty
    Post Production – MPC London
    Colourist – Peter Oppersdorff
    Sound Design + Music – Denis Kilty
    Voiceover – Rob Malone
    Young Man – Corey McKinley


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