Home News The Irish Sun Shines a Light on Happiness and Good News

The Irish Sun Shines a Light on Happiness and Good News

The Sun Shines a Light on Happiness and Good News

With summer drawing to an end and concerns surrounding Brexit continuing to mount, it’s all too easy to succumb to doom and gloom – but it’s not all bad news in the newspapers. To prove the point, next Monday, September 9, will celebrate very best of Ireland with a special “Good News” edition featuring a range of stories that it hopes will bring a smile to readers faces and provide some inspiration.

According to the editor of The Irish Sun, Kieran  McDaid:” Now more than ever it can seem like the media is full of bad news, but there are also a lot of incredible and inspirational stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and we’re determined to share these so people have something to smile about. The Good News edition is a celebration of these uplifting stories, a chance for readers to focus on the brighter side of life, and a great testament to the selflessness and acts of generosity that too often are overlooked.”

Some of the stories that will feature include how hundreds of kind-hearted strangers sent birthday cards to a four-year-old boy, after his mother contacted The Irish Sun to say he hadn’t received any;  how crime-riven neighbourhoods are fighting back and how innovative businesses plan to triumph post-Brexit as  well as interviews from the world of showbiz and a special guide to boosting happiness.


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