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Irish Times Expands Display Offering with Oracle Grapeshot

The Irish Times has expanded its display offering via an integration with Oracle’s Grapeshot contextual intelligence and targeting platform which allows brands to align with contextually relevant content in real-time.

According to David Murphy, Head of Digital Solutions at the Irish Times: “Our ‘Smarter Targeting’ approach to display advertising has just got a major upgrade with this integration. Aligning brand messages with relevant topics and trends as they happen live on site allows us to guarantee cut-through for brands when it matters most.”

He adds: “With our first party audience targeting product gaining traction in ‘18, we wanted to improve our targeting capabilities and cater to advertisers that have sensitivities towards certain types of content. The importance of the context of ad placement in quality, brand safe, environments has never been more relevant so we’re delighted to have enhanced our ability in these areas.

“Our initial test campaigns from Q4 last year proved to be hugely successful in terms of results and the uptake from direct and agency clients has been fantastic so far. It’s a testament to the importance of contextual alignment for brands when it comes to online advertising,” Murphy says.

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