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Insight of the Week: Marketing by Mobile Attributes

Few industries are more competitive than the mobile phone market, so it is critical that retailers ensure they understand and appeal to the highest priorities of consumers when they choose a phone.

Latest data from Kantar Media’s Republic of Ireland TGI study reveal which factors are most important when choosing a mobile phone.

You might expect cost considerations to be out in front and indeed they are – 67% of adults with a mobile rate price/contract as a key consideration.

However, there are a number of other factors that are important to a significant proportion of adults and retail marketers would do well to bear these in mind when seeking to drive sales beyond the ongoing battleground of price.

TGI data reveals that 41% of mobile users choose battery life as a very important attribute, 37% pick reliability and 32% the camera.

Whilst there is of course some crossover in terms of the same selection factors being important to a range of mobile users, there are also some striking difference. For example, 15-24 year olds are 31% more likely than the average mobile user to select the camera as a key factor when choosing a phone. Meanwhile, those in the TGI Lifestage group ‘Unconstrained Couples’ (aged 15-54, married/living as a couple and do not live with son or daughter) are 23% more likely to pick battery life.

There are differences by attitudes too. For example, those who agree ‘social networking sites are a perfect way to keep in touch with friends’ are 23% more likely than the average mobile user to cite the camera as a key reason for choosing a phone – no doubt so they can upload the best photos they can to their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

There are also efficiencies by media type when targeting those who are interested in specific mobile attributes. For example, those amongst the top fifth of consumers for cinema visiting are 20% more likely than the average mobile user to choose reliability as a key influencing factor. Meanwhile the heaviest fifth of internet users are 31% more likely to choose the camera.

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